I took some shots with my 5x7 of the navy ships arriving in New York for "Fleet Week". It was a drizzly, foggy day, to the point where the NYC skyline was often invisible from across the Hudson in New Jersey.

Spotmeter readings indicated less than 2 stop range from dark to light. I shot tri-x rated at 320. Mixed the pyrocat at 20ml each of A and B to 1 liter of water. Developed first set of sheets in a Jobo at 12min @68. VERY thin negs. second set of negs were developed at 24 min to try to get more expansion. these negs look only slightly better than the first set.

question 1:
is pryocat a bad choice for expansion? would I have been better off using D76 or HC110?

some of the shots have pretty good content. in terms of intensification would I be better off trying to salvage them with selenium or chromium intensifier?

thanks for any help.