A simple search for "pinhole camera" on Google returns two "how to make" articles in the top three, so information isn't hard to find. While there are companies which manufacture pinhole cameras, the vast majority of them are home-made because they're so simple. However, you have to use real photographic paper or film in them. The inkjet paper you referred to won't work: it's sensitive to paint, not light. Using a pinhole camera is again simple and, since no two home-made cameras are exactly the same, something of an art. They are ideal for experimenting and playing around with, and are quite a lot of fun to use. Also simple and cheap, especially if you use photographic paper rather than film (because paper is simple to process and more tolerant of inexact processes.)

We have no idea what a "sheet feeder" is, what it looks like or how it works so we won't be of much help there, sorry. A photo would likely be helpful.