[QUOTE=Jeff Searust;1136581]I turned a beat up Isolette into a pinhole --- The entire front of the camera-- bellows, lens, door, everything ends up being removed-- the front of the camera is covered with foamcore and a pinhole--- the size of the hole was f128, and covers 6x6 fine. I have a filter ring epoxyed to foamcore to put a lenscap on the outside and a brass pinhole in the center

I did the same thing with a Kodak Cartridge Premo 6x9 folder, except I used the bed closed as my front surface to mount the pinhole on. It's a nice wide angle, but doesn't quite cover the whole 6x9 frame. I like the look, so I'm not going to worry about changing it. This was taken about 4' from the snowshoes: