Has anyone had any results yet? I stumbled onto this thread a few days ago and was surprised to find there might actually be some labs willing to do this work. All the old ones have shut down. In the old days I used to use RGB in Hollywood, they were rolling 5247. I used the slides as proofs.

Years later I got back into filmmaking, and there were many requests by DP's to shoot mopic film in their still cameras for testing, but there were no longer any labs offering the service. A&I in Hollywood started doing it 2 or 3 years ago, but they were selling outdated, color shifted mopic film and the results for testing purposes were useless. I heard that Deluxe was doing the actual processing, so bad film was the likely culprit.

I have thousands of feet of 35mm mopic film in my freezer, I think some 50D, 250D, 500T Vision II or III. An orphan roll of 200' of 50D is useless for anything but a short test in mopic terms, but it would make thousands of still images. I wrote to Double Exposure Ltd about their service, and I would like to hear about any experiences with Cinelab.