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I keep my beloved on a "need to know" basis. I often see her in some "new" chlothes which she claim she have kept in the closet for "years". Sometime she sees my handling a lens I have had for "looong"
But maybe that wont work with LF gear
It just takes some creativity. "Of course, I've had this LF camera for years, dear. Doesn't it look like an antique?"

Seriously, the approach I use is to try to decide ahead of time what I'm going to be shooting, and what the appropriate format will be. Car-based trips can be a little more flexible and gear-intensive - as long as you're comfortable leaving some gear in the car. (A large, well-trained watch python comes in handy for that.)

The cart rig I posted earlier is OK for level-ground hikes away from the car, but doesn't work well on inclines or rough trails. It does, however, allow me to take both the 8x10 and the 4x5, along with an array of lenses and accessories. The backpack on the cart is a LowePro Classic Trekker, which is pretty much filled by the 8x10 and one lens. A small auxiliary shoulder bag holds a 35mm rangefinder and 3 or 4 lenses. I use the 35mm to capture supportive shots for the treks that otherwise are LF-oriented - stuff that I might not want to "waste" LF film on.