Mike the date is correct, it is the fifth day of the first month of two thousand and eleven, which in numerals is written as 5/1/11, or 05/01/2011, or 05-01-2011.

The picture was taken this year whilst away on our summer holidays, which happen to be right now, as in January.

The next round, round 22, I will be sending a print that was taken on the 1/1/11, or 1-1-11, or 01/01/2011, or 01-01-2011, you have been warned!

Interesting how the people from the USA appear to have difficulty with the date format I have used. From what I understand of my travels to various countries, only the USA and the Philippines use the same format, the rest of the world overwhelmingly use the date format I use, whilst some countries have a third format.

Canada, probably due to their closeness the the USA, use both my method and the USA method, I believe. Possibly if they date in English it could often be the USA format but in French their other format.

Then there is the ISO date format, but that is a kettle of fish well left alone