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cool! thanks for that info! I think I copy/pasted this from a site the other day but now I don't remember where, it was the sewing needles conversion:
4, .90mm
5, .80mm
6, .73mm
7, .66mm
8, .58mm
9, .51mm
10, .46mm
11, .40mm
12, .35mm
13, .33mm
14, .30mm
16, .25mm
does it seem right?
Those seem right. I made some with oatmeal canisters and used #10 needles. I also have a magnifying loupe that has measurements inside the view so I could aim for .46mm. I used one of the online calculators to figure out what would work well (it's about 5" diameter in an oatmeal can).
To find the right needle, I went to Joann's with the list above and found a variety pack of needles that included a couple that I thought were possible.
That camera looks like it'd be a nice pinhole.