Been playing with the camera since I got it a few weeks ago. The rangefinder is right on for the lens it came with, a 135mm Raptar, but off some with my 135mm Nikor W. The Rapax shutter seems ok except at 1/2 & 1 seconds, where the time seems approx. double what's set. I'm thinking about readjusting the rangefinder for the Nikor, but then I'd lose the M-sync for flashbulbs the Rapax has. I did get a Heiland 3 cell flash unit & a good supply of Press 25 & #22 bulbs, so I may keep the old shutter & lens for that reason. Of my large format lenses, the 135mm Nikor-W is the only one that'll fit the Busch, due to the small lens board. My 90mm Nikor-W & 210mm Caltar-N won't fit. They still fit the Tachihara, so no big deal.
Yesterday I shot some stuff around the house with flash, just focusing & popping 6 bulbs to test the flash & the published guide numbers. Today, I developed the film, PL-100, in Pyrocat-MC in glycol that I mixed. I used the Nikkor sheet film tank to see if it was as hard to load as it looked. It wasn't. The sheets loaded easily & development looks even. I'll know for sure when I print them in a day or so.
Looks like I'm on to something here that could turn into a lot of fun.
Oh, yeah - a couple weeks ago, I mentioned to a lady at church about the press camera. The following week, at coffee & donuts after services, she pulls out a very nice side rangefinder Crown Graphic. Seems her nephew found in the the trash a few years ago when a family was cleaning out a house after an old gentleman died!!! What else was in that trash that he didn't salvage??? She let me bring it home, so I took a quick shot outdoors with it, developed the film & made a print. last Sunday I returned it & she was impressed with the print. She said she would see what her nephew wanted to do with the camera - he's not into photography; she is, but just a point & shoot digital. So who knows, maybe I'll have a crown graphic one of these days.