Normally, pinhole cameras are lensless...except for the Holgas that have a bit of plastic over them. Husband and I were out at Wal-Fart picking up son's sunglasses and ordering a pair for hubby. While there, I found, conveniently placed right by the cash register, the wallet magnifiers. I bought two packs of them (so I have four total) and there's the regular one - big triangle looking thing - and a 4x one which is a smaller circle.

I like to play with scissors. (And tin snips...)

I've got one pinhole drying...but will need a couple more sprays with paint on the inside (using a Rocca cardboard/aluminum tin) and one finished (a gum container - rectangle - had mint 'cubes' of gum in it).

So...How would one go about fixing the magnifier on the pinhole? (I have a lot of heavy black card stock and a joyous amount of black electricians tape!)

The one way I can think of immediately is to just cut a little bit out and put it directly over the pinhole. make a small cylinder out of the cardstock and then glue the bit of magnifier to the top of the cylinder and then glue the bottom of the cylinder to the 'camera'. Voila. Pinhole with a lens!

I'm also thinking about taking off the stupid spring that holds the shutter in place on my Helioflex and just using the lenscap as the shutter. Then while I have it open, I'll put a pinhole in there.

I'll try out the gum camera here in a little bit because it's really not that big - but I used a pop can/needle pimple/super fine sandpaper for the pinhole - and a LOT of electrical tape.