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Hi Clayton !
Do you want a list of "things" with retail prices unrelated to production prices ?
Cars, computers, TV sets, and quite all manufactured goods....
Even on services, the price tag reflects what the customer can pay, not the actual prices plus a "normal" benefit. Otherwise, every time you get a discount, the seller will loose money ;-) and disapear, if wwe follow what we have been told in school.
I my opinion, the problem with Forte was that the benefit was not made at the factory but along the ath the product cross between them and you. I hope that buying from "near factory" like at Fotoimpex will turn Forte a profitable business and we will get our film and papers during a long time.....

yes I know what you're saying, it seems to me someone like Tura should be able to survive because there's enough margin for them to make money and still undercut retail.

If what you're saying is right about Forte it's all the middlemen pulling these long established businesses down. So maybe, and they're probably doing this, a new distribution model is required with less consumed in the middle.

Is this how J&C operates? Direct purchase from the factory and pass savings onto customers. To be worthwhile to the factory it would require large stock purchases.

For me I'm worried the economics of using conventional roll paper will disappear and I'll have to start using inkjet.