The area of the neg that prints the shadows is the lower left and the highlights (the high densities) is the upper right of the 'curve'.

I think there are too many film/dev combos out there to say one is best for this or that. It is more likely that there are so many that are fine and that do not limit our ability to make a photograph. Pick one film/dev and stay with it. Learn to understand it in different lighting situations. I know you are using PMK. I use this and think it works great, although sometimes I feel as though it is way harder than it should be. But I invested much time to get it to work and I'm sticking with it. I use HP5+ for all my formats: 35mm to 5x7. People tell me all the time to try this film or that for better grain or because... I don't know why. It think it is because we all feel that we will make better photos if we are using the same stuff. But if I'm using a 57, why would I care about grain? I need all the speed I can get. If I'm using 35mm, I use it because it for its speed and spontaneity, and if I have more time, I'll use a bigger camera on a tripod. You know what, HP5+ works for me and the last thing I need is another experiment. A good photographer can get just about any film to work. If your shadows are weak, give more exposure. I your highlights are blown out (can't happen with PMK) then cut back on development or use PMK.

We all need to quick dorking around and take more photos.