For the past ten years I have had the great pleasure of putting together this informal group gathering in Joshua Tree NP, just east of Los Angeles.

From a simple beginning in 2001 with only a handful of people showing up there have been times where we were well over thirty..
We have braved cold weather, wind, snow storms and rain, and have also had wonderful warm and pleasant skies. The campfires at night have been so great that the flames most likely could be seen all the way to China.
Professional photographers as well as newbies have come. All have willingly shared information, technical knowledges and great lasting friendships have been forged.
This will happen again this year!

It is my hope that someone else will grab the torch and keep this valuable event going well into the future.

Again, this will be the last event that I plan. If you are interested in coming please be sure to email me right away.
February 26, 27 = just around the corner.

Per Volquartz

Facebook: Per Volquartz