I bought one of these (Busch Pressman Mod.D) many years ago and still have it. Have a 100mm Wide-Field Ektar, 135mm Schneider Symmar-S and a 210mm Fuji L. Also have a 6x7 slide in roll back for it. I have had most of the Graphic models, but sold all and kept the Busch(Tower). It is one of the sturdiest cameras you'll find and makes a heck of a good field camera. Not as good as some, but better than most. Oh, mine doesn't say Busch on it since it was made for Sears & Roebuck. It says Tower on the name plate and I even have the Tower instruction book to go with it. These are a "sleeper 4x5" in my opinion. Built like a tank and last forever. It's up to my cottage at the moment or I'd include a picture. I'm going up to my cottage this week so maybe I'll snap a shot of it. JohnW