Richmond is approximately 3 to 5 kilometres from the centre of Melbourne, dependent upon where in Richmond. In Australian terms itís old and serviced heavily by trams and trains but parking is a bit of a nightmare.

Ralph, do you need a lift for the day? This can easily be arranged.

I would suggest a Saturday if possible, mainly because it means most of us will not be rushing back to have an early (ish) night, for an early start on Monday morning if it is on a Sunday.

If you could work out a possible day that is suitable, then we can start arrangements. April the 2nd or the 9th or the Sunday after each day, could possibly work well for you and us.

As I now have a bit of an idea of the age group you fall into, I can tell you that travelling from Europe is hard on the body due to jetlag. If you are coming from the USA it isnít as bad, but it still hurts. Allow a minimum of three days before you do anything where you need a clear mind. Flying to Europe from Australia, is quite easy on the body by comparison.

Various suggestions for a shortish day trip out of the greater Melbourne area, can be arranged, we just need to figure out what will work for both Ralph and us.