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Unfortunately all the Kowa 35mm SLR's are notorious for unreliability, especially after all these years since they were manufactured. It will probably be difficult to find anyone to repair it, especially as spare parts will be unlikely to exist. With these cameras, it is probably not worth the bother & cost, bearing in mind too that they are likely to break down again. The roll-film Kowas seem to be much more reliable.
If not, I can always keep it with my camera collection. I have a few cameras, some toys, some just have a serious emotional value to them for me, that she can sit with and keep company. My 'portrait models' are interspersed among the cameras I don't use or are no longer in working order.

I've not tried a roll of film in it to see if the forward will actually take a photo or not - but the shutter releases whenever I used the forward lever - so it would possibly expose the film and then forward it shortly thereafter. I've got some cheap-o film I can use for an experiment one of these days, preferably after most of the snow has melted and I can go walkabout with some confidence of not falling over my own two feet due to a misplaced step onto some ice under the melting snow.