Hi out there. This looks like a fantastic site, and I intend to dig in more as time allows.

I have just constructed my first pinhole camera from an old kaput Ricolet 35mm camera. I used a clever little calculator from Mr.Pinhole.com, and all seemed just fine. I took it out today (slightly overcast evening w/snow), using the light meter in my Nikon N80 as my source before making the calculations per the Mr. Pinhole Light Exposure Guide. Well it would seem I was all set, but I forgot to set my N80 for ISO 100 (the film used in the Ricolet PH camera) and instead, the N80 defaulted to ISO 6!!!!! Details: focal length: 28mm, pinhole aprox .2mm so f124 or there about, ISO 100 Kodak Tmax film.

Sooooo, my gut feeling is that this roll is completely blown out as a result, but being new to pinhole photography and the little differences inherent to it, I thought I would ask before throwing the film out.

I hate to blow money on development if this roll is shot, but do you all think it's worth giving a whirl at my local pro photo developer?

I do not have a darkroom at this time, though I'm working toward it. I'm also not a professional photographer - mostly a painter/drawer and musician. But I LOVE photography too and want to explore this pinhole stuff fully.

Anyway, what do you think ....develop the roll or not? Many thanks!