I will be getting there on the 26th of March.

That's a weekend, but I will (most likely) be closer to death than being alive during the first weekend. As far as I know my son, he will be trying to prove that his old, frail and senile Dad is no longer fit, giving him an opportunity to chase me through the country side from morning 'til night, demonstrating the superiority of youth.

He is into camping, but little does he know that Holiday Inn is the lowest threshold of 'camping', I'm willing to go for! What the heck, I'm old, I have an excuse!

Anyway, since his vacation days are limited, we agreed that I'll spend the latter part of our trip with him (really looking forward to that), leaving the former part for my own excursions. Still, I like to spend all weekends with him if possible. Then again, he likes golf, my back does not (another excuse, don't tell on me). So, the first Saturday amongst the awake and living (April, 2nd) may be a good day for us to meet, and him to pound holes into the golf course. He calls it fun!