Thanks for the reply! I need to research the reciprocity factor a little more to better understand it. My biggest concern was that the discrepancy was too severe. I just took a reading on something that gave me a reading of 1 second at f.16 for ISO 6, which when converted to f.124, translates to just over 1 minute, where as, a reading taken for ISO 100 at f.16 gives me 1/10 translating to a 6 second reading at f.124 on the same subject (6 seconds v/s over 1 minute.) So I'm still a little worried given that this is a lot longer than a few seconds one way or the other, but it's good to know neg film is easy going about these things. In the end it's only about $7 to process plus a contact sheet, but if you think it's a totally lost cause at that discrepancy point, I can chuck it.

Ah, I see you are in SE PA too. Where at, if you don't mind my asking? I'm out in Western Chester Co.