I thought the Readyload packaging was finished for good, a couple of years ago. Lucky me I got my hands on three boxes of Readyload in TMax100, one of my favorite films, just last week on eBay. I just shot the last of my E100VS Readyloads two weeks ago. Thinking I saw the last of anything still able to produce good results (I had a box of TMax100 Readyloads that were all fogged last year) but then getting my hands on these TMax100 boxes has me wondering. I don't believe I saw anything Kodak wrote that said they are gone for good. Likely they are, why would they stop and then restart later on?.... but I'm very curious to know what the truth is. Some people I've chatted with didn't even know they were not being made anymore. So, what's the reality?

Strangely, Freestyle and B&H are selling Readyload holders. Nostalgia?

Nobody's got Readyload film or QuickLoad film for sale, new. Does that preclude they are gone for good?