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I use a Bienfang press (Masterpiece 160) and mount FB prints on 4 ply museum board using Bienfang buffer mount tissue. The print and board are placed in the press sandwiched between two pieces of 4 ply museum board.

My understanding is this type of tissue bonds during cooling. I don't think I've ever had to mount more than one print per day so is the following feasible:

Bring the press and sandwich boards up to the required temperature, insert the print, clamp the press, immediately turn off the press and simply leave it that way until it cools down to room temp, then remove the print.

It seems to me this would ensure bonding takes place under the press pressure rather than pressing for a few minutes and then using a piece of glass, or a roller as the print cools down. However obviously in the press the cooling time could be something like 30 minutes. Is this bad? How would this affect adhesion? Other negative affects? Does this harm the print itself since it is subjected to the high temperature for a long period of time?


I hate dry mounting. I'm never 100% sure what's going to happen when I take the print out of the press. Will there be bubbles? Will the corners or edges come loose? Etc. It's always a gamble for me no matter how many rules I follow.
I haven't used the tissue you specify, but I have done as you described with no problems. Make sure you use some sort of release paper like bakers parchment or the purpose made release paper between the print and your sandwich board in case any of the adhesive oozes at the edges of the print so it won't stick to the sandwich board. When the press is cool, take out your masterpiece and stick it in a frame!