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Anyone want to predict where this will go?
Anyone got a good lead on this week's lotto numbers?

Will I be forced to buy Forte again?
Nobody forces YOU to buy any photographic materials from any vendor. We are not in China!

Incidently someone in the know told me the cost of producing photo paper was less than one tenth the retail price.
Depends upon how one caculates the "cost".. A large chunk of the cost of producing papers and other photographic materials is fixed in the cost of the facillity. The marginal costs of labour and input materials to produce a film are very very tiny. The problem is: these factories don't scale that well. The move of Kodak into their new coating facillity was part of getting the scale right and being able to better manage their resources.

With factories like Efke or Forte the fixed non-labour costs are quite low and they've been working to slash their labour costs (scaling by labour). The main threat is the opportunity costs of continuning the operation. Argenta in Munich just as Stirling in Bombay found the value of their property significantly higher than the value as a production input.