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yes I know what you're saying, it seems to me someone like Tura should be able to survive because there's enough margin for them to make money and still undercut retail.
Tura was NOT about undercutting retail. Their business was about putting film in OEM boxes.

Is this how J&C operates? Direct purchase from the factory and pass savings onto customers. To be worthwhile to the factory it would require large stock purchases.
That's also how Freestyle works. Efke, Forte and Foma is typically sold though shops that went direct. I think Foma wants a $10K USD order to get the juices flowing.. Since customers (like you) want to get the absolute cheapest materials they need to compete and press the manufacturers to keep prices down to maintain their margins since they must compete with Agfa, Fuji and Kodak which have much better developed products and refined distribution network . Agfa, Fuji and Kodak have, on the other hand, lower marginal costs in their production and higher reserves so its not really much of a contest... The big league players can always be cheaper!

For Ekfe, Foma and Forte to survive they must redefine their products to do better what the mainline players (Agfa, Fuji, Kodak) don't or can't do. If they don't understand how to morph themselves into a nische then they will not survive.

For me I'm worried the economics of using conventional roll paper will disappear and I'll have to start using inkjet.
What't the issue? In the whole of the past century photographic productss and services have never been as inexpensive as they are today.

Still too expensive..

Then start using Inkjet.. print on recycled newsprint... And print less... Using less paper saves money!