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When Les McLean asked Hogan if Prescysol was the same as Pyrocat HD I'm told he shrugged his shoulders and wouldn't reply

Also Hogans instructions for Prescysol were originally an exact copy of instructions for Pyrocat HD.

Yes you can standardise on one Dev time for normal development wit Pyrocat HD for Kodak, Ilford, Fuji and EFKE/Adox films, probably Chinese films like Era as well. That's what I've been doing for about 6 years now. However Foma films need about 70-75% less development or they are far to contrasty.


My own experiences with Pyrocat HD (sodium carbonate version used 1+5+94) suggest that developing times for varied films vary quite a lot. When I started using Pyrocat I used Sandy Kings graphs which he included in his article posted on www.unblinkingeye.com. I found my negatives to be quite under developed. I think I have finally got my times locked down to the following: -

HP5+ 320iso 17minutes
FP4+ 100iso 14 minutes
Adox CHS100 80iso 8 minutes (2+10+88)
Efke R25 18iso 10 minutes (2+10+88)
Kodak Verichrome Pan 100iso 9 minutes

I have some Fomapan 100 and ERA 125 in the freezer but have not tried it yet. Many of my subjects have an SBR of only 4 stops. I would be grateful to know what your standardised time it.

I have stopped using Prescysol EF simply on the grounds of economy. I used to use it at double strength for 10.5 minutes to get the necessary punch in my negatives. I found it lasted about 6 months once opened.