While I use the modified Pentax digital, I found it interesting that Edward Weston did not favor or use a meter of any sort. In fact the image "Church Door at Hornitos" would have been underexposed by 5 stops had he relied on a meter.

I have been strongly considering moving to a more intuitive use of materials with my increased emphasis on contact printing. Using what Fred Picker called his "key day" method of determining exposure. In bright (hard shadow) lighting one arrives at a exposure based upon the film and developer, on bright hazy lighting open up one stop, on light overcast open up a stop, and on heavy overcast open up still another stop. In early morning or late evening light open up at least one and one half stops from one's key day exposure. This procedure would probably work best when developing by inspection so that the contrast is monitored at the developing stage.

I think that if I have the courage of my convictions, it will improve my ability to see my images better, by getting the technical side of matters down to size.