Adrian, I use the Potassium Carbonate version of HD and standardise at 1+1+100 for 120 & 5x4, with an occasional roll of 35mm.

My times for HP5 (EI320), Delta 100 (EI64) & 400 (EI320), Acros (EI100) and EFKE PL25 (EI50) are 15mins @ 20C with inversion agitation. However in the Summer I process at 26-27C it can be 40C+ outside at times so I process to match the tap water temperatures and reduce the dev time to compensate. Fomapan 100 & 200 I process for 11 minutes and shoot at half the box speed, that tames their inherent contrast perfectly.

For my 10x8 tray processing I use 2+2+100 with EFKE PL25 at 50EI processed for the equivalent of 9 minutes at 20C.

I'm shooting mostly in the almost constant bright sunlight here in Turkey and the murky dingy weather when in the UK and have found little need to make exposure/development adjustments to compensate. While I use the Zone system I don't do N+ or - 1 adjustments and only N+ or - 2 when really needed/wanted. I don't necessarily want my images shot in foogy (UK) conditions to have a full contrast range.

I think the film that astounds me in Pyrocat HD is LF HP5, it's my film of choice now here in Turkey where I often have to shoot 5x4 hand-held, gives me 1/125th @ f22, your time's etc are not far different

Your EFKE/Adox speeds seem low though, their Box speeds are actually for Tungsten light where their reduced red sensitivity causes greater speed loss compared to most films. Jessops sold EFKE as own brand for years at double the ISO/

I've found that the issues of developer like Pyrocat and Prescysol deteriorating are usually linked to the type of plastic bottle used, and the Prescysol bottles aren't ideal. Oxidised Pyro devs like Prescysol or Pyrocat can cause uneven staining so even though a negative can look OK visually you can get unexpected patchiness when printing (or scanning), so once a developer turns colour it should be discarded. PMK is worse which is why it isn't used for Rotary processing where aerial oxidation exacerbates the problem

A tip making up Pyrocat is make sure your Metabisulphite is reasonably fresh the dev keeps 18 moths (even here in Turkey) in a part filled bottle (in use) if it is fresh, and Pyrocat only start to oxidise once the dissolved SO2 from the Metabisulphite is depleted.