WOW, i am so late, i just got my LF NEW few days ago [i don't consider GG or CG as they are old and it was difficult for me to operate them properly], so i have to shoot something very soon, but i also reading all the web to find about processing LF sheets, it seems either i have to take a risk and develop in total darkness with trays [i don't have but i can borrow them from our photography club], or order one of those tanks [daylight tank for example] and give it a go, but simply i can send it to the lab, i use the lab always for my color films, they can process B&W of all formats up to 8x10, i think they can process even larger but they told me they do up to 8x10 for a reason, so maybe i give them a try first and if my sheets are all exposed fine and the results are great then i will know that i knew how to use LF and then next step is to worry about developing my sheets by myself.
I agree, i watched his videos and he is so funny inspiring instructor, i wish if i live there so i will request his workshop.