My first job was printing for a wedding photographer in Hamilton, after my apprenticeship this was the advice he gave me.

Find 10 photographers and print for them , set good rates , and be realistic about learning what each persons taste (you need to be a bit of a chamilion).
Specialize in silver , forget inkjet as anyone with 10 dollars is a master printer these days , setting up shop.

You should work on a day rate that satisfies you lifestyle and financial commitments. (do not include materials in your day rate)
Lets say you can make 6 good 16x20 a day , then your day rate should be somewhere around $600 a day plus materials.
If you are no good , you will find out real quick as your clients will only use you one or two times, If you are too cheap in price then the
cupboards will be bare, If you are consistent, willing to listen, fast and reliable you will be sought out.

Be prepared for success, as you will now be working 7 days a week and people will be knocking on your doors at all times. This could be
a problem in some households.