Holgas scratch films. Sometimes. Especially if you put more tension on the film.

Don't ask too much of a cheaply built plastic camera. I have the same problem with my Holga, with films like TMax 400, Delta 3200, and Tri-X, which are also hardened.
I had this result with the camera in original configuration. Since then, in order to try to fix it, I have done:
1. polished the film mask edges, first with a very fine grit sandpaper, and then with a piece of hardwood, to get it absolutely smooth.
2. Increase tension on the take-up spool with the loopy side of velcro.
3. Try to replace the foam where the film spools are, because it came off one day, and actually rolled itself up into the film roll, when it was hot outside (95*F, the glue that held the foam in place melted).

They are prone to problems. If you have one that gives you a problem, you are better off tossing it and getting a new one. Repeat until you have a good one.

- Thomas