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Or, I could suck it up and get around to trying out FP4!
Depends where you are.

Kodak films other than C41 consumer colour print films have become almost extinct in many parts of the world.

Kodak are the only manufacturer who don't offer a full range of B&W products and as a result there's no incentive for stores to carry their films, virtual all photo courses recommend FP4 & HP5 and Ilford papers, but that was the case when Kodak still made B&W papers.

Don't get me wrong I didn't use any Ilford films for 20 years I was Agfa biased with Tmax as my back up, then totally Kodak & Tmax, but when I just couldn't get Tmax films I had no option but change.

Now I'll stick with Ilford, at least they have commitment. It's not a fault of Kodak's Film Division rather the blinkered Inkjet approach of the CEO towards Global Marketing, he has Zero understanding of film users and loyalties.