If Kodak has a tech sheet with Discontinued at the top, then you can be sure that that film is gone. However, I remind you that we got just about a 2 year notice from Kodak about kodachrome. At the present time, Kodak has not had a dividend for 1099 purposes since 2008 which is pretty bad for the investors. They are running around trying to figure out which direction to go regarding film production and the cost of Silver which is about $30 US / oz.

I have to assume at this point that PX is still around at dealers, as they list it as in stock. I have to assume that they can still get it as Kodak does not explicitly list it as discontinued. Now, that might mean only that Kodak has 1 or more master rolls of the stuff in storage or it may mean that it is on a regular production schedule.

I can walk into local stores and buy Kodak B&W and color films, Ilford films and papers and Kodak and Ilford process chemistry. I just picked up some fine C41 chemistry at a local shop.

So, while Kodak is down, it is not out. And, remember that these marketing vagaries affect Fuji and Ilford as well. Lets hope for the best.