Beautiful camera. Congratulations! Any of the three lenses you mention are good choices for the format. I have a Nikkor 450-M and a G-Claron 355. Both will cover with more than enough room to spare. Another option would be a Kodak Commercial Ektar 14". It is a bit faster, making for a brighter image on the ground glass for easier focusing. It also has beautiful transitions from in-focus to out-of-focus, and has very pleasing out-of-focus areas.

A negative which needs no contrast agent to print well in platinum usually prints well at a grade 0 on standard variable contrast or graded silver-gelatin paper. I don't know how this would translate to the contrast grades of Lodima (which I have never used), but I would be inclined to think that the Lodima grade 2 would be more comparable. If your goal is to save money by evaluating your prints on Lodima first, I don't know that it will save you any money over just printing in platinum to begin with.