Finally yesterday afternoon[Saturday] i used my 4x5 for first time, i did shoot 4 sheets only, first i began with B&W and second i did shot with color, i sent them all to the lab, i went yesterday night [now while i am typing it is a new days after midnight] to get the color, and B&W will be processed tomorrow[Today at our time], but from the color sheets i have some issues.

Shen Hao HZX45 IIA, Rodenstock APO Sironar-N 150mm, Velvia 100F

So as you see, first shot has upper part of the frame in black, don't know what is that black "border", anyone can tell me what is the reason or cause that?

Second thing, i used the color correction option in scanning software, but i got different colors result of both shots, both were taken by same film, and there is about 30 minutes maybe between the two and the sun was up strong and the light both are the same, but if there is another reason what is it then? I can correct both shots by Photoshop for example, but i intentionally didn't do that.

In fact i am so happy to have those results as my first sheets, can't wait to see my first ever shots of B&W by LF, i feel happy that my color sheets partially passed successfully, the exposure not spot on is not my main concern, the contrast of the light that time is huge [DR], but that LF as expected was able to handle it, and that first shot issue will not make it as big fail, i will consider it as a must mistake for beginner , so waiting your comments here.