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The black part looks like you did not pull your dark slide all the way out.

The color difference is because of the software. It cannot think intelligently - actually see your picture and analyze it; it is just programmed to make a bunch of pixels of various colors average out a certain way. You need to use your eyes to perfectly color balance something, or if you do use automation, a neutral gray card should be the target. Changing color balance in Photoshop is the same thing as changing it in your enlarger, so don't feel weird about that. We all have to tweak color balance in anything but bright, clear, middle-of-the-day sunlight, whether we do it in the camera or in the darkroom.
Thanks for your time to reply my post, i appreciate it

About that black frame i don't think so, because i take off the dark slide completely out until i click the shutter and then insert it back again.

About the color workflow, well, i agree, for me i am not so sad about it, in fact i like both different colors, and i sure can correct both, but i just curios to know if i did a mistake to have that slightly color difference or it is normal, sure i may have those colors again and again if i shoot there same subjects at same time, but i just would like to be sure if there is anything i should know about the color correction, and your idea about using gray card for white balancing is good, i have those cards when necessary.