I think one problem Kodak does have in spades is a poor communication between departments/distributors/vendors. I tried to figure out more about Plus-X a little while back. One distributor I work with had a "definitely discontinued" on the Plus-X long roll 35mm (100') and a "yeah, that's gone" for the 120 and the 24 exp version of the 35mm. That being said, when I was trying to bring in Plus-X Super 8 I got word from THREE distributors that it was gone. Then out of the blue, some showed up with good dating. What does it all mean? Who the heck knows. If Kodak is anything like all the business I have worked for that were in decline, there is some serious confusion as things change rapidly from day to day. Makes it really hard for people to know when/if to start hoarding or whatever, but that's the brave new world we seem to be in right now. I just keeping hoping that Kodak can continue to make SOME film for a while.

Sort of a side rant here...a guy was in my shop the other day (my film corner inside a record store--story background!) He looked in my 'fridge and complained of the cost of film..."that's why I switched to digital...blah blah." All I could think was, "How much was that cup of Starbucks your sipping on?" If you think about what you are actually getting when you buy a roll of film it is kind of amazing. Of course, that's why I am sitting here freezing my butt off waiting for someone to come in and buy film and Starbucks has a line of people waiting to buy a cup of joe. Whoops!