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It's probably a part from the last Agfa production batch from 2005. It was kept frozen in deep rock caves for years so it's basically like fresh film. You can buy the same stuff from Macodirekt.de by the name Rollei Retro 100. Everyone says the remaining APX 100 stock is drying but they have been selling it for 3-4 years in big numbers and it's still around.
I think you're right. AgX pointed out to me that the 400 speed is the one ADOX plans to release first, and this isn't it. So this probably is the old stock.

But still, if they cut it in 120 I'd buy some. It's the 35mm base support, but that's what the Rollei Retro from a few years ago was, 35mm base cut to 120 width. I liked it fine, and Mirko did comment that the old stock has to get out of the pipeline before they can make a profit on new stuff.