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Caused by not fully inserting the film holder into the back. On the film holder, next to the cutout for the frame, opposite the end you insert into the back, there is a ridge running across the film holder from edge to edge.

On the camera back, there is a groove that the raised section fits into when the film holder is fully inserted. If you stop when you feel the raised section first bumping the back, it will leave the film holder slightly outside the proper position and that last bit of film will not be exposed, even with the dark slide fully removed.

You need to push the film holder in, on past that first bit of resistance, until it "pops" into place with the film holder ridge seated in the camera groove..
i know about those, i was so careful not to have those mistakes, so i think it is none of them cause it, i think the only reason i can think about and why is that shot only is as i said due to that too much tilt, i posted this on LF forum and most posts agreed that i tilted more than it should be and the part of the bellow came to the image circle in front of the lens, i didn't forgot to push the holder inside tight, i didn't forget to remove the dark slide out completely, another reason it might come to mind is when i used the dark cloth, maybe i didn't notice it and covered little part of the lens, in all cases it happened and now i know all the things that may cause it one or another and i noted them all so i will not make the same mistake again.
Also i have to check the B&W sheets, because i started with those sheets before the color, if both B&W sheets doesn't have that problem then i am so sure it was that wrong tilt.