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If it was a film holder not fully inserted into the Graflok channel, then that would make sense, though it must have been right at the point of almost causing a massive light leak on the other side.

It also could not be too much tilt, as that would leave a highly curved line, not a nearly straight line.

I suppose it could be something in front of the lens as well, though it appears a bit to sharp for that to me. Was there a bellows lens hood in use for the photos?
It will be endless story to list all the reasons now, i didn't use any hood, also i tilted not only the front but also the back, so that may pressed on the bellow in between [sandwich] and made it to be there.

Another reasons as i stated in previous post is the dark cloth, but this is not hundred % sure as it will not be that straight on upper frame[it should have some curves or inclined a bit maybe].

Anyway, i am still happy that i've got something, and this mistake will be a nice lesson of what mistakes i may do, so for next time i will be sure i will follow all the instructions carefully and not let any tiny mistakes as stated on this thread to be shown, and good that the black border is just the sky, i can crop that anytime and still have a great shot, or even play with photoshop and turn that black to blue as the sky below it.