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If Cuba is able to be a treat to USA for past 50 years and if some Americans are thinking that they will pay for this , I think this is tragicomic. I think USA is willing to eat small easy to digest pies . They made a huge propaganda that telling people IRAQ have a big army , tank fleets , 2 millions soldiers and able to hit USA with chemical rockets and have nuclear bomb.
In 2 hours , IRAQ army crashed. Yes it is easy to attack propaganda poor nations. If you have enough army and if Russia have weapons , chemicals rockets , army , tanks againts to USA , try to attack to Russia and see whats happening.
Iraq did have a big army and tank fleets. We crushed them so quickly because our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines are better trained and equipped. George Bush lied to us about Iraq's chemical weapons program, but I don't recall him telling us that Iraq's rockets could hit us nor that he had a nuclear - or as he pronounced it, nu-cu-lar- bomb.