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The 420mm Apo Nikkor will also cover. It's usually cheaper as most people don't know it covers 8x20. It is possible to put it into an Ilex 5 shutter if you don't want to use your hat.

I use the 600 Apo Ronar. Very sharp high contrast lens. My 300mm lens is the 12" Metrogon. While it gives nice images, it's heavier than hell so I don't think you should go there. I had to structurally beef up my 2D conversion so it wouldn't dform under the weight.

It can be done, but HP5 can be difficult to get a high dynamic range with. FP4 is more receptive but it is slower.

Your camera looks great. Good luck with it.

Ditto what John says about HP5. We are waiting for a special order of Efke 25 in 11x14. Slow film but it is a great emulsion.

Don't forget to consider a Packard shutter for some barrel lenses that you may come across. These shutters are being manufactured in California and they have a web site. I recently acquired a 610 f9 Nikkor in barrel and set up a Packard for it that works just great. Big lens but you have a big camera.

We hope to also do a Special Order for T Max 400 in 11x14 soon.