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Is it possible to insert the film holder too far into the camera back? I have caught myself doing that with my Calumet cc-400, which would account for the black at that location on the film.
In all cases, if that was the reason or something else it happened, so for the next time i will be sure that the film holder is inserted fully and tight, and the dark slide is removed completely out, and whatever i can do to minimize or eliminate any errors.
too bad i was tired and slept to late time so i couldn't go and bring my B&W sheets, but i will tell if i did another mistakes with B&W as well, but the only thing i really believe for that upper black border shot is i did wrong with movements somehow, i remember i was in so bad awkward pose doing it and i even can tell maybe my dark cloth was in front of the lens a bit, but i will not stop on that shot, i will keep shooting more and more and will see if i will see this problem again.