From the Silverprint site:

"New stock now available of APX 135-36, fresh shipments arriving from Germany; APX100 initially, APX400 is in development and may be available by late 2011, similarly the 120 formats."

No to pick on Silverprint too much, but this description is downright misleading.

It's hard not to get the impression that multiple businesses are trying to suggest that they have 'the definite, long-awaited APX100 successor' in house- never said explicitly with so many words, but always readable between the lines.

Truth is, there is only one true heir to APX100: Adox Pan 100. And that one won't be out until Mirko announces it (an announcement that will require no reading between the lines, for sure).

I don't understand that 'these businesses' can't or won't see how their type of marketing will eventually backfire on them. Consumers involved in the small niche of b&w analogue are generally sufficiently well-informed to see through the marketing babble. (In other words: we are not stupid )