Ilford's ID-78 Paper developer is a phenidone-hydroquinone developer for papers, producing warm tones on contact and enlarging papers and on lantern slide plates.

Warm Water (52C or 125F) . . . 600cc
Sodium Sulphite, dess. . . . 50g
Hydroquinone . . . 12g
Sodium Carbonate, dess. . . . 62g
Phenidone . . . 0.5g (May substitute Dimezone-S at 0.63g)
Potassium Bromide . . . 0.4g
Add water to make . . . 1 litre

This makes a stock solution. Dilute one part of the above stock solution with one part of water (1:1 with water) and develop for one minute at 20C (68F). For longer development times, dilute one part stock solution with three parts water and develop for two minutes at 20C (68F).