1) I wonder how jandc is taking the news? I thought everyone was going to buy their products to support them?
2) Will Ilford re-intorduce the SEI Photometer?
3) I'd love to see them introduce a graded bromide paper. How about Ilfobrom? I recall using that and liking it many years ago.
4) Who makes glass plate holders for Canham 5x7 and 8x10 cameras?

I, too, am very happy with this news. I hope there is sufficient world-wide interest and support to keep them going.

What is up with B&W lately. Instead of going away, I keep hearing of new magazines, strength with existing ones, new cameras, interesting growing in ULF and alternative processes, etc. Doesn't sound like dying breed to me. Just businesses\markets realigning to accomodate the analog\digital divide. Fun times ahead.