And we have Ektar 100 as a "new" film, so what really has happened at a time window of a few years, two films (NC and VC) have been transformed a bit - NC is now finer-grained with same saturation as before and became Portra 160, but VC is now replaced with the Ektar. I like Ektar and the fact that the differences in the products are more notable. One neutral -- purposely so -- and one saturated -- purposely so -- medium-speed color neg film is great IMO. I cannot ask for more considering the situation.

Kodak seems to make sane and reasonable decisions instead of acting randomly. And they publish clearly what they do.

The fact is that the current sales of these niche products do not allow for a large selection of almost similar products. It's better to have a clear dedication to good products than just randomly kill products without thinking about the whole portfolio.