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Wake up America
There is a classic book: "beyond monochrome" you know.

And it speaks against APUG that Roger Hicks is not here anymore.
There is nothing wrong with the review posted in terms of underground marketing on APUG. Yes the author of the book is a member of APUG, but there is nothing nefarious about that. Members who participate in other ways and want to also promote their own book or workshop openly are generally allowed to do that, so long as it doesn't become obtrusive. The author of the review also participates on APUG in many other ways aside from discussing the book under review, so I don't see any inappropriate connection there either.

One-time or infrequent posters who only join APUG to announce their book or workshop are considered on a case-by-case basis. If we think such an announcement will be regarded, or if it is reported widely, as spam, then we delete it. If it is an announcement from someone widely respected in the analogue photography community and we think a lot of people will be interested in it, then we usually give it a pass.

Members who are not advertisers who are promoting their own commercial projects at every turn are generally asked to refrain from doing so.