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The chimney finder doesn't flip up. Its a 4-sided hard plastic "chimney" that extends the camera upward about 4 to 5 inches. I find it very helpful for the reasons described above.

This is not the "waist level" finder most cameras come with. With the chimney finder, you have to put your eye up to it; You can't look down into it from afar (at least not easily).
Yes, the chimney finder is a nice thing - but I think its use is limited to closeups, that's my own opinion. I find it quite difficult to compose the frame correctly using a chimney finder, because it's difficult to see what happens across your image when it's magnified and vignetted somehow. Also, those chimney finders are rare to find - I wish I had one, I tried only a borrowed one For general use the prism has no substitutes, but again it's my opinion.