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Toffle: great photo.

I too, play with Dollar Store lenses.
I have several mounted in plastic barrels with aperture stop slots similar to this one.

I found that I really like the image projected by a simple meniscus more to my liking for portraiture.

Some have confused this simple meniscus as a "Petzval" lens.
Not even close...
Petzvals are complex lenses which have evolved over the years, as this website illustrates:


What's fun about this project is that I'm able to merge photography with my ability to run a lathe and create fun things, such as an easy-to-use camera worthy lens with unique imaging character.

It's a never-ending voyage of discovery...


I have actually used the articles on that site while messing around with a box of old crown and flint elements and other mismatched bits. I have quite a few assorted elements, but not enough that match up to to anything really useful. I have replicated a sort of "Dallmeyer-Bergheim" and an "adjustable landscape" or two, but without the maths (and a little bit of engineering/manufacturing know-how) it is pretty hit and miss.