I have recently acquired a mahogany Korona Compact 8x10 camera, the version with the solid bed (and a wooden tripod) at a local antique market at a decent price. The camera was fairly complete (just missing a few screws, a few non-critical small parts and the glass in the lens).

I have decided to restore it to working condition, not to museum display status.

I am wondering if anyone knows what type of film/plate holders originally fit the camera. A modern 8x10 holder fits fine with little play, but instead of a light seal receiving groove, it has a ridge on the back and a groove on the ground glass holder frame. This ridge is about 1/4" away (further from the film opening) from where the groove would be on a modern back. The distnce to the ground glass and to the film plane of a modern holder are exactly the same.

I believe that it would be more practical to modify the back than to try to find or have a set of matching holders made (though for historical reasons it pains me) and decided that I would make a groove in the back to receive the light seal from a modern holder (having made new backs for other restoration projects - not too damaging) and filing down the old ridge (very painful).

I am hoping that someone has some imformation that they can share with me regarding this more that 100 year old camera and suggestioms for its restoration.