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I own only one macro lens, so I guess that has to be my favourite: the 100mm EF (the "regular" 2.8 USM, no L, no IS). The added bonus is that it's nice as a "normal" 100mm lens as well.
I agree---I've got the same lens (the non-USM version; the optics are the same) and I absolutely love it. I use it mainly for bug hunting; snowflakes and water drops don't run away so easily, so it ought to work even better for the OP. :-)

Get it together with the Kenko extension tube set and you can really go overboard with magnification.

The same (mutatis mutandis) is probably true for the 50mm, but since I had a 50mm prime already, I thought this was a better addition to my set.
I got the 50/2.5 "compact-macro" a few years ago and got some good use out of it; I still think it's a sharper lens than the 50/1.8 (which itself is quite decent), but it's limited as a macro lens because of close working distances and the limitation to 1:2, and a bit limited as a general-purpose lens by its antiquated autofocus (and awkward ergonomics for manual focus). It's an excellent compromise lens, but I don't think it's a huge winner as a *dedicated* macro.