These postcard exchanges are drawing in the whole family now. At the start back in round 20 I would get you've got another photo in the mail. Now the post cards are moved from the mail pile and make to the family room where I am asked what is this new picture about. And extended family ask to see the latest cards when ever they drop by. Looks like I will be able to miss an exchange for a while. Thanks to everyone who participates because at my end many people are getting enjoyment from the exchanges.

My third picture came yesterday. Meltronic - after reading about this picture from others glad I received one of the "pastoral" scene. The image draws you in and the white textured boarder caps it off brilliantly. The postcard arrived flat as a tack and as posted so I am curious as to the weight of the paper? It seams so flimsy yet survived how many automated mail facilities on the journey from TX to Melbourne Victoria? Thanks for your comments on my card too.